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Out Now | Leaves a collection of nonfiction prose. In both eBook and paperback format.

Short Essays published | “Inevitable,” can be found at Topology and “Parabola,” can be found at Gravel.

Personal Essay to be published | Negative Capability Press has accepted and will publish my personal essay “Open Body,” in its 35th issue, which has a food theme. The essay is about my approach to food throughout the years. The press can be found: here

Novel to be reissued | This year, a reissue of my first novel The Jenny Muck will be published by Tower Grove Press. Tower Grove Press is the brainchild of Teressa Rose Ezell and Russell Murphy of St. Louis, Missouri.

Essays nominated for Pushcart Prize | “Gospel of Snow” Find it here, which was published in July and “Walking by Flashlight” Find it here, which was published in August were both nominated for a Pushcart Prize (small press recognition).

Paper published | Yeats-Eliot Review published my scholarly paper on “Raids on the Inarticulate: T.S. Eliot’s Four Quartets and God” in its Fall-Winter, 2015, V. 31, No 3-4 issue.

Conference Paper | “Raids on the Inarticulate: T.S. Eliot’s Four Quartets and God” February 20-22, University of Louisville Conference on Literature and Culture


Adagio Presto | Other Spectacular Feats

Memoir on working a summer at a mental institution — The Puzzle Factory

A personal essay on attending a four-day mindfulness Buddhist retreat — The Quiet and The Loud