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Corvette C6 Coupe (2005-2013) review

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3.0 out of 5

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Sports cars rarely come more iconic than the Corvette. America's best selling performance model has always looked the part on the right roads but somehow never quite made the grade in Europe. Now GM has got serious. And the new, sixth edition, is more likely than ever to succeed over here. The statistics are mouth-watering. 6.0-litre V8, 400bhp, composite bodywork, performance that knocks a regular 911 into a cocked hat and all at a mere £45K. Technically it's also a little oddball. Double wishbones all-round, but the rear uses leaf springs in a novel way, while the engine has just two-valves per cylinder with pushrods. No European manufacturer could get away with a specification that 'sounds' so low-tech, but GM knows how to hone the Corvette to perfection. Certainly those rear leaf springs are said to afford it dynamic advantages.

The result is awe-inspiring, both in terms of performance and aural appeal. The latest Corvette is a truly mean machine, hurling you explosively forward whenever you feel the urge, yet offering great control too. It responds better and better to increasing speed, with the steering weighting up to give feel and precision in the bends. There's tons of grip from those 19inch tyres, with traction and stability control to keep things in check. Switch them off if you dare. A viable UK contender then? Well, it's still only left-hand-drive. And the interior doesn't really measure up to Audi, BMW or Jaguar, though it's better than many US machines. But it is such great fun, the roof does stow in the boot for that Targa effect, there's a fine stereo and your neighbour won't have one in his drive. Convinced? We are.

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