Published Works

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*Debut Novel — Set for reissue later this year by Tower Grove Press

About The Jenny Muck: Can you account for the entirety of your life? Mary couldn’t. The signs pointed toward something more — but what, exactly? The Jenny Muck is her story of discovery, a journey of hope, realization and awakening which takes her back to her Canadian hometown and ultimately to Scotland. Sometimes going home is the only answer to our questions. The Jenny Muck is the sensitive account of a belated coming-of-age at mid-life.

* A novella

About Get Back: In this novella Wm. Anthony Connolly performs a juggling act between hilarity and heartbreak. Connolly’s focus is Michael Cross, a middle-aged college professor and writer who wants very much to leave hisrebellious past behind. But life just won’t let him. In the course of a week, Cross will crasgetback_ys0ph his car, be publicly humiliated, be visited by someone he’d soon forgot, be mistaken for Nick Nolte (again!), eulogize a dog, attend a gay wedding, and travel clear across country with his 16-year-old daughter, Hope, in a uniquely-decorated VW Microbus. All this while coming to terms with the end of his marriage, the dereliction of his youthful promise, and an over-active bladder. In the end the strange and beautiful trip helps Cross get back what he may have lost – himself.

* A bestselling thriller

About The ObituariesEvery morning millions of Americans open their daily paper turning first to the obituaries. In Chicago a group of young friends, drawn to each other by this very habit, solve a series of grisly murders by following clues found in the obituaries…Killian Reed, a young reporter for a hip Chicago newspaper awakens to a hangover from a night of celebrating; he and his friends, a loose club of obituary-readers, have solved a murder. But there’s little time to rest on their laurels as a body is found just off Lake Michigan. Reed and his friends try to solve a series of more grisly murders that are seemingly related. Following false leads and real clues, the two trajectories — Reed, who is running from his own past, and the killer — collide in a heart-wrenching climax.



* An independent production 

About PKgrrl: Meet Ell, a special girl, a Parkour-avenger with a secret inside her centuries in the making. It’s a secret some are willing to kill for, and it’s a secret that Ell will discover as she comes to know who she is and where she came from.