Here’s Where The Story Begins


Around 1990, or so, I was traveling through the Alberta foothills on some news assignment with my photographer Shaun B. We were in his truck, and we were listening to The Sundays’ song “Here’s Where The Story Ends,” and I envisioned, completely, in my mind a young couple who decided rather than go out into the world and that they would remain in one place and allow the world to come to them. I saw a park bench. As they song progressed, in my mind, I saw the young couple over many years sitting on the bench, meeting with people, aging, that sort of thing. An entire life, on a park bench. Happy. In love. And I called it The New Nothing.

The idea or fragment stayed with me and other the years I would add an element here and there. Then, just a few months ago, I thought I’d like to visit with them. I sat down and over a few weeks wrote a draft of The New Nothing. It’s about 60,000 words or so. A lot of undeveloped areas, of course, but it’s there.

All from a song, really and some time to cast my mind around the universe.


Lyrics if interested: