Thoreau’s Ice-Harp

Conditions here and elsewhere remind me of this rather beautiful image from Henry David Thoreau, found in his famous work Walden.

At Walden Pond, I found a musical instrument which I call the ice-harp. It’s a thin coat of ice covered a part of the pond but melted around the edge of the shore. I threw a stone upon the ice which rebounded with a shrill sound, & falling again & again, repeated the note with pleasing modulation. I thought at thirst it was the ‘peep’ ‘peep’ of a bird I had scared. I was so taken with the music that I threw down my stick & spent twenty minutes throwing stones single or in handfuls on this crystal drum.”

Thoreau was rather fascinated by winter. His journal pages are filled with notes on ice.


Source: The Writings of Henry David Thoreau: Journal, ed. by B. Torrey, 1837-1846 … – Henry David Thoreau – Google Books