This Social Life

painting by Gerhard Richter
Social networks are mixed blessings, in particular when running into people I haven’t seen in decades. Often it’s like we’ve never been apart and we pick up right where we left off. Sometimes, however, I get so excited seeing an old friend I write about it, like this poem below, but often what I write does not have the intended consequence, in fact it seems to scare people off for some reason. Too much sharing?

Supernatural (for old friends)

Superstar in your childhood basement
Wondering whether we should do it
Dress up, join a tribe
Be groovy
But then the valley, the shadows
Our wonder escaping so out there
Cold and waiting
For us to gather it up with care
Once again whispering
Thin veins shimmering our lives
See how these still map constellations
Signs pointing
Where the tribe has never left
The incessantly shifting locus
Superstars round the fire
How have you been?
What have you been up to?
Jesus —
It’s so good to be home
And the way your eyes
Mirror shinning true suns so