Lining up the Spines

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Reading is complicated sometimes.

I don’t mean the actual reading of the book, but rather the volume of books we all end up accruing and stacking in those wonky piles, in our digital files and on various tables around the house. I hate to miss something.

From time to time I need to make a list of what’s in the current rotation and what, while interesting, can await a future date. And forget about defending our ziggurats of books, Daniel Pennac writes in Better Than Life:

Our reason for reading are as eccentric as our reasons for living

God Bless This Child by Toni Morrison
My Struggle, Book Four by Karl Ove Knausgaard
Treadmill Nearly Done/Academic Now
Satin Island by Tom McCartney (treadmill)
The Novel by Michael Schmidt
The Art of Slow Writing by Louise deSalvo
On The Move by Oliver Sacks
Treadmill Next
The Hundred Year House by Kate Walbert—June 3 (treadmill, next)
Notebook by Jeff Nunokawa
Infinite Jest by David Foster Wallace—May 30th (nearly finished)
Within a Budding Grove by Marcel Proust—June (schedule)
The Hundred Year House by Kate Walbert—June 3 (treadmill, next)
August Reads
My Brilliant Friend, The Story of a New Name and Those Who Leave and Those Who Stay by Elena Ferrante (Anniversary by the Sea)
No Time to Say Goodbye: A Memoir of a Life in Foster Care by John William Tuohy
Late Summer/Fall Academic
Writing Life Stories by Bill Roorbach
How to Write Inspirational Memoir by Emily Wierenga
Camping Titles
Dune by Frank Herbert
Moby-Dick by Herman Melville
Music without Words by Phillip Glass
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my “self-help” stack
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Harper’s — Wednesdays
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Writing Projects Related
On Being Ill by Virginia Woolf
Dream, Death and the Self by JJ Varberg
The Origins and History of the Consciousness by Erich Neumann
The Sunken Cathedral by Kate Walbert (June 9)
Voices in the Night by Steven Millhauser (add to treadmill)
The Vorrh by Brian Caitling (add to camping)
The Story of the Lost Child by Elena Ferrante (September)