In the library of the university where I teach I sit between classes mouthing the word — move.

Sing the word “move” holding out the “ooo” sound as long as your breath allows. The word “move” provides the proper vowel sound and has meaning related to the Second Chakra. Think of moving onward and upward instead of being stuck in guilt and self-criticism anymore. As you hold out the “ooo” sound, bring your attention to your Second Chakra (two inches below your belly button along your spine) and try to feel it vibrating and glowing orange, sending life and health to your lower abdomen and all its vital organs.

For most of my life, my back has been an issue. Stubborn inflexibility, pain and unpredictability rule my spine like a sentence. I know most of the things that will trigger the pain or incapacitate me, but there still eludes me the complete inventory. Some things remain hidden.

So I mouth move. So I write ooo. 

So I read this guy Douglas Hofstadter.

The main thrust of his work is that meaningless symbols in a meaningful pattern create meaning; and depending on the system, be it mathematical, or sentinel, when the system the pattern produces perceives itself it becomes self aware.

In this way, a system “acquires a self.”

His book(s) are extended metaphors for —

how selfhood originates, a metaphor by which to begin to grab a hold of just what it is that makes an ‘I’ seem, at one and the same time, so terribly real and tangible to its own processor, and yet also so vague, so impenetrable, so deeply elusive.

So I mouth. So I write.


Some Hofstadter books:

Surfaces and Essences
I am A Strange Loop