Dazzle Ships (perennial sally)

Like my mind, by semester’s end my home office is always strewn with books, piles of paper, detritus and assorted bags, folders, binders and textbooks. Both my mindset and my space must undergo a thorough sorting and cleaning. I get to throw things out, stack things into various wonky piles for consideration, and get a firm hold on the summer schedule of writing and submitting — the season for professors to get their own work out there. It begins one day and usually stretches out for a week maybe more; certainly the brain drain takes a while to recharge. It’s the perennial sally, back to some core from being on the run for months (this particularly might be the purview of the introverted academic). So today’s the day. The first full week of the break — such a perfect noun; break. Time to break, to cull & archive; create anew and launch new dazzle ships.

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