Ghost Writer in Me

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Beginning the process today of revising my debut novel, which was published in 2001. I originally wrote the book in 1997-98 and now after a professional copy-edit, I am going through the manuscript getting it ready for a new edition. The great difficulty is working on prose written by me almost a decade ago — I’m not the same person, let alone the same writer to that 2001 incarnation. I feel now a little bit like a ghost writer, going over the works of another and polishing them up before going to press. Some of the prose makes me now cringe, and I hope to revise the text to rid the text of some of my worst sentences and failed attempts at imagery. The trouble though arises that once you start picking out pieces the whole house of cards as it were could tumble. It’s a delicate balance of revising, or updating, a previously published novel with the desires of today’s author. I tell my former self everything will work out for the best in the end. Photo on 4-30-13 at 4.48 PM

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