Curious Dogs (after Sarton, mostly)

Because I want mostly permanence/I wander these hills at night/Drop my hands in the silver river/Sing to dawn’s marching trees.

Because I want mostly happiness/I never open envelopes with a knife/Carry stones in my pockets/fear running into you out on errands.

Because I want mostly contentment/Reading between the lines has been blurred/all the old newspapers thrown overboard/new shoes tied with old knots.

Because I want mostly emptiness/I never heard from you again/Feel my legs grow thick with worry/whisper to myself the words can’t have it all.

Because I want mostly not to want/Bury my bones/some place on an ancient map/unmarked and unremarkable, left to be.

Found only much later by curious dogs/Their dumbfounded owners marveling over my cleanliness. 

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