…Fragments Found in a Field

1.    The very shape of things, along with our sense of what is important and why, seems to shift as we proceed. The real story keeps turning out to be larger than, and at canted angles to, what we thought would be…

2.     As there is a blind spot in the retina of the eye, there is also in the soul a blind side where you are not able to see. You must depend on another to see for you what you cannot see for yourself.

3.     We tell ourselves stories in order to make sense of life. Narrative is comforting. There are days when life is so absurd, it’s crippling… nothing makes sense, but stores bring order to the absurdity. Relief is provided by the narrator’s beginning, middle and end… The danger, therefore, in recognizing the insubstantiality of fact is that one is all too ready to welcome the art of the absurd.

4.     Why water

The unrequited house

Plants steaming green

Fuse even while sleeping

No one sees it

Grow its haphazard

Painfully slow lighting

Only me

With a can

Half full                        half empty

Wondering why

5.     Meet me in Saint Louis

Where around the sad beauty

You find her peering

From behind the soot, cracks

Warped boards and burned

Out blank windows

She’s there – humming

In her best

Garland warble

6.     …discover your pedagogy.

7.     For one fast move         and I’m

8.     Gone

9.     The smart set and the polar bear, the polar bear is scribbled in my journal, the one I read driving into Saint Louis where Prufrock got kicked in the knee

10.  Everyone has their own way to get it done. To get through. To stay true. The key is

11.  The latter, the former the groovy

12.  The goal is not a return to self, for that journey never terminates.

13.  The goal was to return or find comfort once again with others and while there, be a more authentic self

14.  While we are dasein – we are close to it – dasein cannot be grasped immediately, says Heidegger

15.  The teacher Ecclesiastes tells us it’s better to have one hand full of quiet that two handfuls full of striving after wind

16.  To staunch the blue devils of worry – work

17.   There are times when I think I’ll be the only person to have not figured out their own life

18.  These are fragments I will scatter in hopes of being found in a field



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