The Completion Backward Principle

The Tubes released The Completion Backward Principle in 1981. It included such hits as “Talk to You Later” “Sushi Girl” and “Attack of the Fifty Foot Woman.” Darryl H. and I smoked a joint on the outskirts of town, near the open fields to the east where train tracks ran into the vanishing point of the horizon. He had The Tubes in the deck and it was playing as his small car filled with the pungency of grass.

From the deck: As I mentioned at the close of the last record, this record you are now playing is another example of the completion backward principle. If you can possibly manage the time, please play both sides at one meeting.

“Both sides at one meeting,” we snorted nervously about that.

Our bodies were moving forward and a large part of us wanted that forward progression, but there were drags in our heart. One part of our lives was closing and another opening up before us and terrifyingly so. We both wanted what was out there, but then we’d just gotten somewhat comfortable in our own skins. In our hometown we stood out and it didn’t take many tokes of weed to realize that out there we would be swallowed up.

But go we did. Darryl went tropical for a period, while I went South Pacific. We ended up back in Canada in the same city me as an uncertain student and writer and he as an unemployed painter. We lost track of one another as that goes. Years later I heard he was a family man running an antique shop. My sister who happened upon Darryl’s shop said he inquired about me and when he spoke about our salad and marijuana days together San, my sister, said Darryl had a look.

Wistful, she said, He looked wistful.

There are days – few to be sure, but enough of them to register – when I could do with the outskirts of a city, some open sky, a vanishing point with some accompanying grass, and Darryl and the Backward Completion Principle. And…

Both sides at one meeting.

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